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Control the eLearning Development Process with Knowbly

Tiffany Hoefer
Webinar Summary

Ready to flip your desk because your boss wants to “go in a new direction” halfway through your project? Combining project management principles with common sense can help minimize this common eLearning frustration. Join Tiffany Hoefer for a jargon-free, realistic conversation on how to anticipate and avoid common pitfalls that take the rapid out of your rapid eLearning development process.

About the Presenter

Tiffany Hoefer has been an instructional designer for the State of South Carolina for 10 years. She has performed instructional design duties, large scale training, and event planning for multiple state agencies during her career. She has been lucky enough to be involved in Adult Learning, Higher Education and K-12 environments. She has an M.Ed. in Educational Technology from the University of South Carolina. She loves all things training - eLearning, face-to-face training, and technical writing.

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