Trip Gould


Trip moves knowbly forward with his focus on R&D and innovation. A former Emmy award-winning filmmaker and professor at both 2-year and 4-year public and private institutions, for over a decade he has devoted himself to pushing educational technology to it limits. Trip also served on The National Task Force for Accessible Materials Innovation, helping to provide access to digital materials for all who desire to learn.

Blog Posts

You Do You: UDL and Multiple Means of Expression

A brief look into Universal Design for Learning multiple means of expression and how to assess the knowledge of your learner based on your intended goals and outcomes.

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The Truth About Free Authoring Tools

Most software today is subscription-based cloud software, including authoring tools. The benefits are innumerable, but what are the hidden costs of “free?”

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Universal Design for Learning: The Intersection of Flexibility and Specificity

At the core of Universal Design for Learning lie three principles: multiple means of Representation, Action/Expression, and Engagement; which we’ll explore in this article.

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Situated Learning and the Evolving Learner

Here’s a deeper look into Situated Learning, its place in human history, its relevance to the adult learner, and how important motivation, cooperation, and technology are to the successful outcome of a learning experience.

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Should You Open Source Your Educational Technology?

Should we open source our software? Can we? What will it mean for our business? Our users? Should educational technology be open source as a rule?

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Online Teaching Conference 2019 (OTC) Recap

Thoughts and musings on a successful and productive conference in Anaheim, CA at the 2019 Online Teaching Conference (OTC).

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Narrative Learning: The Value of Storytelling in Adult Education

An exploration of the value of storytelling in learning and its role in the human experience from childhood through adulthood.

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Express Yourself: UDL and Multiple Means of Expression (Part 2)

A further exploration into the concepts, theories, and importance of providing your leaners with multiple means by which to express their mastery of the subject matter.

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