Steve Smedes

VP, Customer Success

Steve puts people first and that shows through in his dedication to helping knowbly customers. He comes to knowbly with a background in Engineering and Customer Success at Intel and Jawbone which grounded him in his customer-first philosophy. And when he’s not heading up our white-glove Customer Success team, you can find Steve rocking out to the latest tunes while he’s researching new and innovative ways to provide solutions to customers.

Blog Posts

Why Has Microlearning Become "a Thing" and Will it Last?

Learners expect to learn more, in less time. Before making the decision to include Microlearning in your L&D strategy, keep in mind these benefits, and some drawbacks.

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What is Instructional Design and Why it Matters to eLearning?

An overview of the characteristics and practices of effective instructional design and why it matters to the creation of eLearning.

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What are the Advantages of Knowbly's Content Manager?

Here is how Knowbly’s content manager can resolve designers’ main concerns and help expedite your course design process through time-saving functionality.

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What are Instructional Designers Most Thankful For?

Here is a list of the top 7 industry tools, event, and practices that every instructional designer relies on to make all the difference in their work.

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Ways Millennials Influence Instructional Design

A look at how the Millennial workforce is influencing instructional design and the top 5 learning strategies to incorporate into their eLearning modules.

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Top 5 Course Collaboration Practices for Best Results

An overview of the top five best practices for course designer’s collaboration and their benefits on the courses, designers, and their clients alike.

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5 Tips on Accelerating eLearning Content While Maintaining Quality

Advice on how to expedite your course creation processes, including the use of rapid authoring tools, while still delivering high quality eLearning content.

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Is Your Training Ready for an Elastic Workforce?

A look at the realities of a modern workplace and how you can keep an elastic workforce engaged and growing while improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

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How to Simplify Content in Complex Training Courses

Here is the ultimate guide on how to simplify and filter your content in complex training courses to provide your learners with only what they need.

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How Generation Z is Influencing the Future of Instructional Design

An insight into how Generation Z is influencing the future of instructional design and how the generation is viewed by researchers and designers.

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Here are the Top Facts that Will Help You Create Effective eLearning for Generation Z

The following four facts about Generation Z will empower you to create effective content to best meet their needs and the needs of your organization.

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5 Strategies for Creating More Memorable Learning Content

A summary of the top strategies you can use today to create learning content that will remain in your learners’ long-term memory.

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