Kathryn Stewart


Kathryn’s vision to democratize lifelong learning serves as the energy behind knowbly. Transforming an idea into reality over the past few years with her team, knowbly has opened the doors for more content creators to create engaging learning than ever before. Formerly with Cengage, Thomson-Reuters, and Harcourt, Kathryn can be found routinely expounding on the content revolution at tech meetups all over the Bay Area.

Blog Posts

Why We're Looking Forward to ATD

A brief summary of the reasons we look forward to ATD and the highlights of the 2019 conference in Washington, DC - the world’s largest talent development conference.

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What Is a Learning Ecosystem and Should I Get One?

We all have mobile devices that enable the easy discovery and use of content, and employees expect those simple tools to be a part of their work lives, as well as being curated and personalized. A good Learning Ecosystem can do that.

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What are the Fundamentals of Performance Consulting?

Learn about the fundamentals of performance consulting and how to determine if training is the right solution for the behavior you want to change.

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The World of Work is Changing: How to Design Your eLearning to Adapt

Training needs of employees have changed in the past few years. As a result, learning and development professionals need to adapt. Let’s look at how we can change to a new mindset and design for solutions that better meet the learners’ needs.

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Micro-learning for Macro Results

Microlearning is a new concept that allows us to design great experiences to learn what’s needed when it’s needed. Get a better understanding of when and how to use it to get the results you desire.

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4 Ways to Make Formal Learning Stick

A look at rebuilding formal learning to make learning stick and make it more scalable. Here are four methods that can help with learner retention.

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Machine Learning: Best Use Cases in Learning and Development

Learning and Development (L&D) is a great area to apply AI and Machine Learning (ML). ML gives users relevant data and saves them time. Relevant data feeds curiosity and drives engagement, thus helping build a culture of learning.

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Key Concepts of Learning Path Design

Designing a digital learning path often relies upon curation, blended learning, and understanding the needs of the learner. This article covers some key concepts and ideas including the flow of a good learning path and the use of curation.

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How to Master the Art and Science of Content Curation

This blog post explores why content curation is so popular, how to curate, some guidelines and best practices, and why it requires a bit of art and a measure of science.

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How to Leverage Leadership to Support Learning Success

Bringing in your leadership team is one of the most effective tools we have to support successful learning. Let’s take a look at how we can leverage them and where they can help.

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Digital Learning: Using the Power of Subject Matter Experts

Instructional Designers and SME's are both essential to creating effective digital learning. Yet it can be difficult to understand how to work with the other. Here's how Learning and Development can better utilize SME's to help create content.

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2019 Predictions: A New Era in Learning and Development

The advent of technology in learning, a blending of content, and the ability to easily create and curate content has brought us to a new era. So, what’s next? See what’s in store for 2019.

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