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Knowbly eLearning Webinars

Join us for public webinars presented by industry experts, to discuss best practices and strategies for creating effective interactive eLearning

5 Tangible Tips to Customize Your eLearning Journey

eLearning is not one-size-fits-all. In this session, we’ll provide tips for customizing the eLearning journey so that it’s relevant to a learner’s industry, job, and learning preferences.
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How to Make CBE Part of Your Training Program

Join JéVaughn Jones to learn about competency-based education, including - The What, Why, and How of competency-based education; Real-world examples and strategies; and tips on using Knowbly to support you and your learners.
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Create Powerful eLearning Faster

Join George Hanshaw as he shares how he uses Knowbly to create powerful learning modules that keep pace with today’s world.
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eLearning Rapid Protoyping using Knowbly

Rapid prototyping is a powerful alternative to the traditional ADDIE model. In this webinar, Micah will introduce you to his course design prototyping technique, and how he leverages Knowbly and Canvas to create a more collaborative productive workflow.
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Level-Up! Using knowbly to Create Engaging Online Course Content

This presentation will explain how to use knowbly and the FCP3 model to "level-up" your course, and show you that it’s possible for the average instructor to rapidly develop interactive eLearning!
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Solving the eLearning Project Management Puzzle

Have you ever wondered why many eLearning projects fail? Join V. Karen Miller, CEO of Design2Train, for tips and best-practices on solving the project management puzzle.
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Control the eLearning Development Process with Knowbly

A jargon-free, realistic conversation on how to anticipate and avoid common pitfalls that take the rapid out of your rapid eLearning development process.
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