Getting better all the time

Cloud-based means continuous improvement: new features, updates, and upgrades instantly!
Every month we release new features and updates to improve your experience in knowbly. The wonderful thing about being in the cloud is that we upgrade continuously without changing your cost. Stay tuned to find out everything new, in progress, and on the horizon for knowbly.

Record Audio


Easily record and edit audio within courses or the content manager. With our new audio recording tools it’s quick and simple to provide supplemental audio instructions within a course or create a standalone audio recording.

  • Record up to 30 minutes of audio per recording.
  • Add recorded audio to courses, interactive activities, and assessments.
  • Edit audio recordings.
  • Record audio directly into a course while you’re authoring.

Audio Narration


Narrate your lessons in our course editor with our new Audio Narration tools. Record or upload narrative audio to individual Cards that playback as learners navigate your lessons.

  • Attach narrative audio to any lesson, activity, or assessment page in a course.
  • Record your own audio narration directly within a page.
  • Upload any audio track to a page as audio narration.
  • Test audio narration for desktop and mobile in Preview mode.

Improved Course Exits


You spoke and we listened. Course navigation has been improved with a more mobile-friendly interface that accommodates our Audio Narration features.

  • New styleable sticky course navigation header that scrolls with content
  • Course navigation header supports the audio narration player
  • Progress indicators at the header level displays learner page progress.

Interactive Video Mobile

In Development

Our new fully responsive interactive video mobile experience is the first of its kind in the eLearning industry. Our Annotated Video and Video Assessment widgets now have a fully responsive mobile player that works seamlessly with native mobile video players: iOS and Android.

  • Fully responsive mobile first video assessments and interactions.
  • Mobile-first interactive video player and controls.