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Embed Block

Our new 'Embed' block opens up a world of possibilities. From within a Lesson, you can now add any embeddable web-based content, e.g. games, maps, charts, interactive activities. All you have to do is paste in a valid source, watch your content appear, then configure the width and height

  • Embed block is a Lesson > One Column block available in the course editor.
  • Embed any web-based content from a valid HTTPS embeddable source.
  • Embed source accepts HTTPS URL or iframe embed code.
  • Configure the width and height of the embed from URL in the Elements panel.
  • Configure the width and height of the embed from iframe code in the Code field of the block.
  • Width values can be px or %.
New Feature
November 2019

Progress Blocks

Progress blocks are a new inline course mastery tool that allows you to break up content within a Lesson based on progress milestones. By placing a Progress block in a Lesson you can mark all content before the Progress block, or just content in the block immediately before, as required to complete. When enabled, learners are prohibited from progressing past the Progress block until the required content preceding it is completed within the Lesson. 

  • Place progress blocks anywhere in a Lesson as a gating mechanism.
  • Require all content preceding the Progress block, or only a single block directly before the Progress block, to be completed. 
  • Limit course navigation beyond Lessons where Progress block requirements have not been met.
  • Hides content below the Progress block on the card, until the progress threshold of the block is met
New Feature
October 2019

Simulate Progress

Within course preview, we’ve added an option to ‘Simulate Progress’ which when enabled emulates the progress restrictions you put in place via the required structure or structure blocks. This feature allows you to experience course mastery restrictions exactly as the learner will when the course is published. 

  • In preview enable ‘Simulate Progress’ to limit course progress based on required cards and progress blocks implemented in the course editor. 
  • Turn off ‘Simulate Progress’ at any time to preview the course without course mastery restrictions in place. 
New Feature
October 2019

Theme Editor > Elements Tab

We’ve done a bit of tidying up in the Theme Editor and consolidated all CSS settings for media, tables, attachments, and the new Progress block into a single space. 

  • Table and Media tabs have been removed from the Theme Editor 
  • All media element settings: Video, Audio, Images, can be configured within the Elements tab
  • Attachment elements now have configurable CSS under the Elements tab
  • Progress and Table elements both are configurable via the Elements tab
New Feature
October 2019

Image Enlarge

Within courses and widgets, we’ve introduced a default behavior that allows the viewer to enlarge an image on click.

  • For any image element in a course or image in a rich text field within a widget, clicking on the image will enlarge it in the browser for the learner.
October 2019

Placeholder Elements

Designed to make course creation faster, we removed all fallback media and widgets when authoring new courses. Fallback assets have been replaced with placeholder elements you can easily update when authoring a Lesson. With the placeholder element experience you’ll be able to outline an entire course without having to replace pre-populated content.

  • Placeholder elements for videos, audio, and images replace default media when adding new media.
  • Placeholder elements for all widgets replace default widgets when adding new widgets.
  • All placeholder text has been removed from new text and table elements.
  • Empty placeholder elements are excluded from courses on export.
  • Widgets must be named when adding them in a course.
  • Publish warning updated to include omission notification for empty placeholder elements.
August 2019

Course Comments Log

Extending our support for commenting and real-time collaboration we’ve added the Course Comments Log, which gives you a birds-eye view of all comment threads in a course. Coupled with an intuitive and powerful search you will never miss a beat or fall behind in the conversation.

  • Browse, edit, reply, and manage all comment threads throughout an entire course in one space.
  • Filter all course comments by @Me mentions, your comments, resolved, or unresolved comments.
  • Search all course and filter by date, user, or thread status. 
  • Search and immediately navigate to the block linked to your results.
New Feature
August 2019

Accessing Course Structure

We’re paving the way for new actions and features in panels. To do this, we’re standardizing panel menus.

  • In the ‘Structure’ panel, to access the editable course structure click on the menu button and select ‘Edit structure.’
June 2019

Lock and Refresh Notifications

We’ve simplified and standardized lock and refresh notifications within courses and widgets.

  • When you’re on a page that’s occupied by another user, you’ll see a simple lock notification in the header of the page and in the ‘Structure’ panel.
  • When changes to content occur, you’ll now see a clickable ‘Refresh’ notification indicating that you should refresh the page to see changes made by another user.
New Feature
June 2019

Commenting Notifications

Control the flow of communication with our new notification tools. Notifications let you stay on top of feedback. Easily manage tasks while authoring by ensuring you know when and where change needs to happen in your content.

  • Notifications are triggered when a comment is made in a course you created or when another user replies to a thread you’re engaged in.
  • @mentions make it easy to directly notify another user and grab their attention.
  • Notification emails give you a snapshot of the content and the latest update in a thread without having to log in.
  • A global notification panel lets you keep track of and manage updates across all of your courses.
  • Notification deep links take you directly to where the action happened at the block level.
  • Turn down the volume any time by disabling notification emails on your account page.
New Feature
June 2019

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