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Working Together Towards a Common Vision

knowbly is an innovative global provider offering a next-gen authoring application for creating format-agnostic, interactive eLearning objects that are customizable yet reusable — all while delivering super-engaging results.

Joining forces with us provides an opportunity to extend the functionality of eLearning solutions, add value to customers, and maximize the power of digital learning.

Let’s Join Forces

Who Are Our Partners?

Together, let’s deliver something great!

We value our learning partners and have collaborated to form multiple types of partnerships to support a variety of initiatives and goals, including

  • Service Partners
  • Technology Partners
  • Reseller Partners
  • Content Partners

Organizations all over the world train their employees, clients, and partners with knowbly™. As demand for engaging content and learning design continues to grow, complementary partnerships allow us to meet this growing demand.

Partner Types

Why Partner with knowbly?

The Benefits of Partnering

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Dedicated Support

We support our partners throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

Competitive Discounts

Competitive Discounts

We understand that success for our partners means success for us, which is why we offer competitive discounts as part of the program.

Marketing Growth Plan

Marketing Growth Plan

We are expanding our market reach globally and offer joint marketing initiatives that achieve better business results for you and your clients.

Innovative Thought Leaders

Innovative Thought Leaders

We provide the most up-to-date features that outpace our competitors and best serve the end-user.