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A small and mighty team of makers and doers.

We started around a common goal: make the creation of digital learning materials simple, creative, and collaborative.

Knowbly helps organizations create digital content that engaged and inspired more than 10 million learners worldwide.

Every day, we're changing and improving the way people learn in a rapidly evolving digital education landscape.  We started around a common goal: make the creation of digital learning materials simple, creative, and collaborative. We're driven to make the authoring of interactive and personalized learning experiences easier, which is why our software puts the content creator in control.

We’re designers, teachers, and engineers. Most importantly, we’re problem-solvers. We come to work every day excited to tackle new challenges, innovate solutions for our customers, and offer people at all stages of life a better way to learn.

  • Our Mission / We started this company with one goal: to make interactive digital learning more effective, available, and easier to create.
  • Our Motivation / Instructors deserve better, less complicated tools designed to their needs. Learners deserve content that is engaging, inspiring, and accessible.
  • Our Promise / Our technology is designed to make your life easier, improve your content, and delight your learners. Our users drive our product and motivate us.
  • Our Culture / Aside from being obsessed with sea life, we're goofballs, hard workers, learning design wonks, and a very driven group of team players.

The team

Every day, we're changing and improving the way people learn in a rapidly evolving digital education landscape.

Kathryn’s vision to democratize lifelong learning serves as the energy behind knowbly. Transforming an idea into reality over the past few years with her team, knowbly has opened the doors for more content creators to create engaging learning than ever before. Formerly with Cengage, Thomson-Reuters, and Harcourt, Kathryn can be found routinely expounding on the content revolution at tech meetups all over the Bay Area.

Warren keeps knowbly humming operationally and moving to a quick beat. Previously with Essex National Securities LLC, Lufthansa Service Group, The Produce Exchange, Continental Airlines and Alpha Airports Group, Warren brings sharp focus and process to the team. When not at knowbly, you’ll find him on the golf course where he is consistently under par and off the charts in skill.

Trip moves knowbly forward with his focus on R&D and innovation. A former Emmy award-winning filmmaker and professor at both 2-year and 4-year public and private institutions, for over a decade he has devoted himself to pushing educational technology to it limits. Trip also served on The National Task Force for Accessible Materials Innovation, helping to provide access to digital materials for all who desire to learn.

Charles Gerli
VP, Product

Charles provides ground-breaking product direction and industry leading UX skills to knowbly. His career started working on interactive publications with Warner Bros. and Blizzard/Activision followed by managing design and development of Webby Award-winning websites and apps at Moovweb. Throughout his tenure, Charles continues to drive product direction with a combination of brilliance and humor that keep us focused and ahead of the product curve.

Steve Smedes
VP, Customer Success

Steve puts people first and that shows through in his dedication to helping knowbly customers. He comes to knowbly with a background in Engineering and Customer Success at Intel and Jawbone which grounded him in his customer-first philosophy. And when he’s not heading up our white-glove Customer Success team, you can find Steve rocking out to the latest tunes while he’s researching new and innovative ways to provide solutions to customers.

Alan Ryman
VP, Engineering

Alan has 20 years of experience leading engineering teams and developing software for companies such as Monsanto, NCR, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Travelocity, and Beatport. He draws on his education at National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and the Executive Leadership program at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Alan can frequently be found hiking with friends and family on one of Marin’s many trails.‍

Shawn Burson
VP, Instructional Design

Shawn has 15+ years of experience planning and building interactive learning content and interactive templates. Shawn’s passion to create measurable interactive content that engages the learner has resulted in his award-winning approach to Instructional Design and his ability to see at-a-glance how to restructure your content to exceed expectations. Oh, and just give him a reason to add lights and speakers to anything!

Amy Cohen
Director, Operations & Success Strategy

Amy brings a passion for quality products, efficient processes, usable tools, and satisfied customers. With 20+ years managing ed-tech development and operations in both for-profit and non-profit settings (K-12, higher ed, and corporate), Amy keeps knowbly’s customer success teams and tools running smoothly and generally greases the wheels around knowbly-town. Amy loves spreadsheets, outdoor-time, and her amazing kiddo (not in that order).

Kristi Koistinen
Art Director

Kristi is responsible for defining the creative direction and visual landscape of knowbly's brand and product. During her 20+ year tenure in the visual design field, Kristi has worked with clients across many industries including education, entertainment, publishing, hospitality, and healthcare. Always with an eye on simplicity, best-practice, and usability, Kristi delights in her role of keeping knowbly on brand and pixel perfect.

Kelly Neyland
Account Manager

With many years of experience providing exceptional customer service and training in the fields of eLearning, education, beauty, and small businesses, Kelly excels at building relationships with each customer, problem-solving unique use-cases, and training our global customers. Dubbed the “demo queen” by her peers, when she puts down her knowbly tiara, she enjoys painting, photography, and being a soccer mom.

Sophie Steinbock
Account Manager

Sophie’s engaging, can-do attitude and unswerving dedication to helping customers find and implement practical solutions to their L&D needs makes her a valuable knowbly asset and a customer favorite. Her 20+ years of account and project management experience has contributed to her success as a creative and intuitive problem solver. When she’s not sharing her insights into knowbly, she’s probably yakking it up with her colleagues.

Kathy McNamara
Technical Support Analyst

Kathy adds her expertise and personal touch to every interaction with knowbly customers. She’s a whiz when it comes to problem-solving and digs deep to get to the root of your issues - making knowbly a better product in the process. When she’s not helping you with your questions, you can find her quilting, reading, or rocking out to a variety of music.

Sarah Prindle
Senior Accountant

Sarah’s MBA, Master’s degree in accounting (MSA), and 15+ years of accounting experience helps keep knowbly’s accounts in order. Her goal is a healthy cash flow and she works with our customers and vendors to ensure invoices are paid timely. Sarah has four small dogs and one small child that keep her busy when she’s not working.

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