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Achieve a complete learning ecosystem

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Interactivity & Media

Build effective
interactive learning

Effective digital learning begins with engaging content. Create dynamic training that demands attention.

  • Flexible Templates

    Easy-to-use templates and tools like: interactive video, hotspots, audio recording, image editing, flashcards and much MORE brings static learning to life.

  • Interactive Quizzes

    More than just multiple-choice, test learners knowledge and competency with interactive quizzes and personalized feedback.

  • Gamify your Learning

    Embed interactive games, infographics, simulations, and scenarios from our partners or the tools you already use.

Content Delivery & Portability

Deliver content from point A to point B, C, D...

Ensure your learning's portability with reusable, multi-format, outputs and flexible content delivery.

  • Flexible Course Outputs

    Publish full courses, microlearning modules, or lessons as raw HTML5, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, or xAPI.

  • Reusable Learning Objects

    Reuse interactive activities and assessments as part of courses or on their own as SCORM/xAPI packages or embeds.

  • Single Source of Truth

    Distribute your content to multiple destinations at once. Make revisions and apply updates from a centralized source.


Work better, together

Collaborate in real-time to save time and improve the quality of your learning.

  • Save Time

    Shared editable content, courses, and workspaces means a streamlined workflow with no more tedious back and forth.

  • Work Together

    Stay in sync with review tools, notifications, and real-time collaborative course editing.

  • Manage your Team

    Manage team roles, provision external reviewers, and transfer asset ownership.


Gain actionable insights

Get the big picture with content analytics that help you flag low performance areas and design improvements.

  • Analyze Effectiveness

    Understand your content's usage and efficacy with reporting at the course > page > widget > and question/response level.

  • Identify Improvements

    Pinpoint improvements to your content with data-driven decision making, down to most granular action.

  • Activity Stream

    Analyze, export, or integrate data from your Knowbly with external dashboards and record stores.

Complete your learning ecosystem

Deliver engaging content and continuously improvements with the complete learning ecosystem of Knowbly + Knowledge Anywhere.

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