Trends and topics in learning technology

Learning vs Training: What is the Difference?

Read this article to distinguish between learning vs training, and create educational content that truly makes a difference in learning.

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Why Has Microlearning Become "a Thing" and Will it Last?

Learners expect to learn more, in less time. Before making the decision to include Microlearning in your L&D strategy, keep in mind these benefits, and some drawbacks.

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Why and When You Need Rapid Prototyping?

Do you want to know what rapid prototyping looks like in instructional design? Follow this efficient design model to save time and money while creating courses.

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What You Need to Look For in an Authoring Tool

Top characteristics you need to look for when selecting an authoring tool that will meet your designers’ needs and create the best learning experience.

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What Is a Learning Ecosystem and Should I Get One?

We all have mobile devices that enable the easy discovery and use of content, and employees expect those simple tools to be a part of their work lives, as well as being curated and personalized. A good Learning Ecosystem can do that.

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What are the Fundamentals of Performance Consulting?

Learn about the fundamentals of performance consulting and how to determine if training is the right solution for the behavior you want to change.

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