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Instructional design best practices, tips, and problem solving

Pump Up Your Training Program in 2020

Is your New Year’s Resolution to revise your training program? Not yet started? Below is an overview of how you can refresh your training program in 5 simple steps.

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Hidden Rewards of a Career in Instructional Design

Have you always wanted to find out the hidden rewards of a career in Instructional Design? Below is an overview of the top 5 hidden rewards.

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Greatest eLearning Challenges and How to Conquer Them

What are the top eLearning challenges that instructional designers face while creating courses? Here’s the list of those obstacles and tips to conquer them.

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Which Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Designing eLearning

Read about the seven most common eLearning design mistakes that instructional designers make and how to avoid them when creating eLearning courses.

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What Will Instructional Design Look Like in the Future?

Take a look at the innovations and trends that will shape the next decade in the ever-changing world of instructional design.

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What is Instructional Design and Why it Matters to eLearning?

An overview of the characteristics and practices of effective instructional design and why it matters to the creation of eLearning.

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