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knowbly is a robust rapid authoring suite created by instructional designers, designed so you can quickly author engaging, responsive, interactive courses or individual learning objects.

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Easy to use, all in one place

Create, manage, and enhance your learning with interactivity, in the cloud, and without the hassle.

Asset Management

Rapid authoring in the cloud

  • Author responsive and instructional training content without a line of code.
  • Create and modify course structure, build custom themes, and design with ease.
  • Leverage a library over 1 million stock assets for use in your training.
  • Manage and collaborate with your team while creating and reviewing your learning materials.

Simple templates to design interactive learning with ease

  • Start creating quickly from a constantly growing library of widgets that never requires coding, certifications, or software updates.
  • Easy WYSIWYG editing means anyone can create interactive exercises and assessments from dozens of responsive HTML5 templates.
  • New activities and assessments are available, unlimited to use, and automatically updated with the newest features.

Organize and reuse your assets from a central source

  • Store and manage your media and files in one place for easy access and use in your courses and lessons.
  • Tag and manage metadata at scale for every element that goes into your training materials.
  • Share assets across multiple courses, assessments, and interactive objects, so you only need to update once to distribute changes.
  • Organize everything for ease of use: Images, Videos, Audio, Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and even Formulae.

Quick to update, deliver anywhere

Update anytime and publish in multiple formats, including: SCORM formats or as a standard HTML5 web package.

Broad browser support

All major browsers are supported. Send it to your LMS or serve it directly on the web. Cross-browser support means never having to compromise.

It’s going to look good on all devices

Everything you create has a responsive, mobile-friendly, output that looks good and functions consistently whether your learners are at their desk or on the move.

Even more things to love

So easy your grandma will be a subject-matter expert in no time

Widget Templates

Dozens of responsive, WYSIWYG authorable templates for assessments, activities, and presentations at your fingertips.


Share and review projects together in the cloud with collaborative editing tools designed to keep your team moving.

Custom Themes

Customize every element and aspect of courses, assessments, and interactive content with configurable, reusable themes.

Live Preview

Preview what you build in real-time and experience what learners will see without exporting or switching gears.


Don't sweat mobile, we've got you covered. All the content you create is fully responsive and touch-interactive.

Stock Content

Choose from millions of royalty-free stock assets ready to use wherever you need them.

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